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Choosing a marker or monument is a major decision. Headstones, tombstones, and grave monuments are seen as a legacy of love. They are a tribute to the impact your loved one has made in your life.

For high-quality, well-crafted memorials, turn to Legacy Memorials, LLC. We offer markers and monuments for individuals, couples, and families. If you need assistance in choosing the right memorial or would like us to explain your options, reach out to us. We provide personalized service.

Headstones and Markers

We offer three types of memorial material: granite, bronze and marble. Porcelain Pictures and black granite are two of the newer products that we provide. Most memorials can be classified as either a family, companion, or single memorial. These can be made from our various materials and can be upright or flush to the ground.

Cemetery and Final Date Lettering

For existing memorials already set in a cemetery, we offer final date and cemetery lettering to be performed onsite in the cemetery

Contract Setting

Legacy Memorials Offers setting services for other memorial companies and individuals who have purchased monuments in their home state to be set in our service area. Our crew has a combined 40 years of experience that qualifies us to be one of the best and most experienced team in the Southeast.

Cemetery Restoration

Over the course of many years some monuments need to be re-leveled or cleaned. We work with municipalities and private cemetery associations to restore beauty back to a cemetery

We guide you through the process each step of the way.

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"Brian was so patient and kind in my time of need. The headstone that he made for my husband’s grave was just beautiful and I’ve had many compliments. I will be using him again."
Sheila Oswalt